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            CompanyNews Path:Home>>News>>CompanyNews
            ADD:Baishayang Fushan
                 Industrial Zone,
                 Zhangping city,
            TEL: 0086-579-86557813
            FAX: 0086-579-86567815
            E-mail: 1016883951@qq.com

            2016 3.8 day

            Date:2016-04-01 Click:1641

            Spring is coming, grass green, birds fly in the sky. It"s a good time for walk to the park.

            In order to let the women to feel happiness and joy as a woman. Female employees have feeling company"s care and love. Company organize women to attend activity in women"s Day. Walk to dongshan park. Let the female workers in the busy work, meet spring, walk into nature. Feel the spring good time, feel the quiet of nature.

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